Our Business Proposal

Research information is only as good as the quality of the collected data.

Our business proposal is based on a strict data collection process from the moment a shop is scheduled to the final report or clean database. We take pride in being as flexible as our client’s needs demand. Our small overhead expense allows meeting your daily requirements with a commitment to quality above all and superb execution at a reasonable cost.

We offer top of the line integrity assurance steps to guarantee reliable data that will allow you to make the right business decisions.

We use the most advanced online reporting tools that will allow you to follow the development of the fieldwork process and look at preliminary results on a daily basis. If your needs require that the collected data be uploaded to your system, we’re there for you as well. Our staff is fully cable to provide this service in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


The most important element in determining the quality of data collection is the experience and artistry of our staff.

Agile Market Research employs some of the most experienced and talented researchers and consultants in Latin America. Each of them has ample experience in international studies, are fluent in at least 3 languages and have years of cumulative experience that can help your business needs in our region.

Telephone Surveys and Intercept Specialist

Evident by the terrific experience she has built, she will cheerfully help you design, administer and report data collected via telephone providing a keen eye towards creativity and precision. Equally comfortable with all Spanish speaking countries in the region, her expertise is skillfully demonstrated across a wide range of studies for international clients.

Mystery Shopping Specialist

He has been an international, professional researcher for almost 25 years. He has lived and worked in the US and Brazil while maintaining his love for Mexico his entire life. He has a sincere and earnest affection for market research, which is communicated in all his actions. His international experience allows him to bring out the very best in every project. He enjoys a wide and enthusiastic clientele.

Audits and Video Mystery Specialist

For over 15 years, she has focused her career in establishing close contact with our clients and helps them resolve their auditing needs. Video Mystery and Store Audits can be stressful and she has a keen eye to stay two steps ahead of the curve. While a native of Brazil, she has lived in Mexico and frequently travels abroad to manage multi country studies.